Convenient Dog & Cat Boarding

We make your pets feel at home in our facility in Gig Harbor, Washington. Depend on Bayside Animal Lodge to provide the dog and cat boarding services you expect and to give your pet the attention it deserves. We also board birds if you have one.


We specialize in social and nonsocial dogs, so we can accommodate you and your pet's needs. Our building is climate controlled for your dog's comfort. It also features individual, full-size indoor runs with outside patios and a number of small indoor kennels.

To make dogs more comfortable and to reduce their stress, we play classical music. We provide both dry and canned food for the animals. Dogs also receive midday treats. If your pet is on a special diet, you may bring food from home.

Your dog's health is important to us, too. We administer regular medications at no charge and prescribe shots for a nominal charge.

Dog Packages

The basic package includes two supervised off-leash sessions in our big dog play yard or small dog play yard. We also offer individualized packages for a specific dog's needs. Ask about our TLC, Pampered Pets, and Top Dog packages.

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Provide your cat with a home away from home at Bayside Animal Lodge. We have separate cat lodging with double-decker condos and a big picture window overlooking the garden. For your cat's comfort, we have a climate-controlled building. We also play classical music to create a comfortable and stress-free environment. We serve dry and canned food for meals, and your cat receives a midday treat. We recommend that you bring food and treats from home if your cat is on a special diet.

To maintain your cat's health, we administer regular medications at no charge and prescribe shots for a nominal charge. Ask about our Top Cat packages for your cat's individualized needs.

Contact us for services that make sure your dogs and cats receive proper care and feeding when you can't be there.